Hello all! Come on in, I'm glad you've made it. You have found the Life School, a continuing project designed to bring you the life lessons they never taught you at school (wouldn't life be easier if they did!). Although it will probably take the next 20 years to develop, I've tried to make the site as broad and informative as possible, and in an easy going style, without using over-complicated discriptions or fancy jargon. As much as anything, I really wanted this to be a forum for everybody to get involved, so please, if you have a valuable lesson, technique or tip you would like to share, why not send it in!....

The following information is based on my own current belief system, (so I woundn't expect you to agree with everything you read), but please use these pages as a guide to finding your own truth. After reading through the site, please consider signing my guestbook or drop me a note to tell me what you think!

"Read not to contradict or confute,
nor to believe and take for granted,
nor to find talk and discourse,
but to weigh and consider."
-- Lord Bacon

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The Difference Between Men and Women
Relationships: Meeting a Partner

Successful Budgeting

The Secrets of Youthful Skin
Satisfying the Body's Four Needs
Weight Loss Guide (partner site)
Weight Training & Bodybuilding Guide

An Antidote To.. Anger
Dealing with Depression
The Meditation Workshop
Quotes of Wisdom

Vital Energy - The Source of all Creation
Holistic Healing using Vital Energy
Diagnosing Problems in the Major Chakras
A Guide to Palmistry
The Meaning Of Life (intro)
Overview to Buddhism (demo)
10 Ways to See Life Differently (intro)

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