Diagnosing Problems in the Major Chakras

Every living creation needs life force energy to survive, including our own kind the Human Beings. As we use up our share of energy, we draw in fresh supplies though a series of powerstations or 'live wires' known as the Chakras. These are actually spinning vorteses, looking a bit like cyclones, which draw in energy from the atmosphere and charge our cosmic batteries. We have seven major chakras which run in a line from the groin area to the top of the head, and which distribute the power to hundreds of smaller chakras around the body.

The energy of the Chakras can vary greatly; - some areas may be deficient in energy, while others may have too much. For this reason, it is worth exploring and double-checking every cause and symptom for the most complete healing analysis. Seeing energies, or at least feeling or divinating them, is a good way to work out what the patient needs; and then by checking these physical signs against usual symptoms, a more accurate picture can be made of the situation. Remember, there are no absolute rules for how the body functions. It's a case of 'weights and measures' sometimes as one function of the body has a bearing on another.

Below is a simple chart showing the symptoms of balance and inbalance, along with a list of usual ailments which would accompany these conditions. A summary of useful crystals is also included, as well as a brief description of each chakra and the job it performs for the body. Which Chakra would you like to look at?

Root Navel Solar Plexus Heart Throat Brow Crown

The Base/Root Chakra
Keywords:Physical Energy, Drive, Male (physical) Sexual Energy, Seat of Physical Feelings of Stability.

The first and lowest chakra is to be found at the base of the spine; between the anus and the genitals, and between the legs. If can be reached by concentrating either around the sex organs, between the legs, in the hollow of the lower spine or below the monkey bone. The body stores it's store of life energy in this area of the body, and the Root chakra acts essentially as a distributer of this power throughout the chakra system. This process is naturally overloaded twice in our lives, once at puberty and again at memopause in order drive the bodys production of hormones.

If excess energy is produced here, it gets stuck as it reaches the smaller Naval chakra; - driving our sexual urges and giving us much stronger and more volatile emotions. If the Navel is blocked, these energies can explode in fits of anger and voilence which can be very disturbing to witness. It is unusual for this center to become restricted or blocked.

Greatly affected by: Anger, Fear, Hatred.

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

Treating the Root Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Stimulate with Red)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with Red/Black)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Blue)
Can't acheive goals, materialistic, lack of confidence, self-destructive, feels unlovable, little interest in sex, masochistic, suicidal. (See Navel) Grounded in reality, Down-to-earth, in control of drives, limitless energy, good motivation, reliability, adventurous, feeling 'alive', manifests own prosperity. See Naval

Crystals to Maintain the Root Chakra:
The Root favours the lower colour spectrum, so use blacks, reds or deep orange crystals in your regular treatment. Recommended stones include: Hematite, Black Onyx, Red Tiger Eye, Snowflake Obsidian, Red Jasper, Ruby, Garnet, and Black Tourmaline.

To clear blockages: use clear crystals and White Light.

This chakra is affected by childhood security; if there was a lack of love in childhood, this area is likely to be weak.

Many natural healers also suggest that this chakra can be balanced merely by standing barefoot on earth (grass or soil) for an hour a day, or walking in the outdoors for two hours as often as possible.

The Spleen/Naval/Sacral Chakra
Keywords: Emotions, Creativity, Female (emotional) Sexual Energy, Seat of Emotional Feelings of Stability.

This is the second chakra and can be found on the front of the body just below the naval. It's use is largely focused towards feeling the emotions of the body, and how we deal with them on a sub-conscious level.

If there is a block here, the energy coming up from the Root charkra will build up and cause restlessness. For this reason it is vital that we learn how to get in touch with our emotional and sexual needs, and unless the chakra is regularly cleared or 'flushed' in some way, there is more likelyhood of discomfort. The easiest way to accomplish this is though physical exercise, meditation, or channelled though any creative outlet.

Greatly affected by: The Selfishness of others, Repressed Feelings, Fear, Guilt, Feeling Trapped, Unfulfillment, Hoplessness, Reliving Past Memories.

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • Digestive problems (diarrhea or constipation)
  • Feeling confused or restless
  • Shortness of temper, explosions of anger
  • Poor sence of humour
  • Skin conditions
  • Kidney infections
  • Colitis
  • Prostate problems
  • Reproductive difficulties
  • Problems with legs or feet
  • Allergies & hypersensitivity
  • Problems accepting emotions
  • Repression and inhibition
Treating the Naval Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with Orange)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with Orange)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Blue or Violet)
Very shy, low self-esteem, low sex drive, lacks motivation and creativity, inhibition, feelings of insecurity, avoids others, freezes with fear, sexual guilt, clinging, resentful, distrustful, hides and buries emotions, frigidity. Open and friendly, attuned to feelings of self and others, creative, considerate, sence of belonging, no inhibitions, compassionate, intuitiveness, intimacy, clairsentient, deep sence of humour. Aggressive & Explosive, dominating, selfish to others, highly materialistic, egotistical, manipulative, self serving, sees others as sex objects, volatile, obsessive, overindulgent, over ambitious.

Crystals to Maintain the Navel Chakra:
Orange crystals are used to balance and stimulate the Naval chakra, and these include: Orange Agate, Carnelian, Rutilated Quartz, Orange Calcite and Amber.

To clear blockages: use green, blue or violet crystals.

A healthy Navel chakra may indicate a healthy sex life, or at least a healthy attitude towards sex.

The Solar Plexus Chakra
Keywords: Personal Power, Happiness, Intuition, Seat of Intellectual Feelings of Stability.

Above the Naval chakra is the Solar Plexus. Whereas the Navel is the seat of physical and emotional feelings of self-esteem, the Solar Plexus is the seat of intellectual feelings of security. It is the third major chakra of the body and is roughly located in the gap between the naval and the end of the rib cage. Quiet a sensitive region (as with the Heart and Throat centers), the Solar Plexus can fluctuate between the two extremes of wide open and too closed. Balance here is subtle.

The Solar Plexus is also particularly sensitive towards the feelings of other people, and people with an unbalanced center may complain of 'picking up vibes' and general moods of people around them (positive or negative) - particularly in exclosed spaces. Personal energy is at stake with the Solar Plexus, and an unbalance can give the character too much energy (over-confidence, egoism) or too little (under-confidence, insecurity) in the self.

Greatly affected by: Fear of the Unknown, Repressed Feelings, Self doubt, Money & Power over others.

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • Confusion or repeating thoughts
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Gall bladder problems
  • Ulcers and other stomach irritations
  • Skin problems
  • Sensitivity towards others
  • Kidney trouble
  • Poor digestive system
  • Mental and nervous exhaustion
  • Problems accepting mental reality
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Gas
Treating the Solar Plexus Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with Yellow)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with Gold/ or Yellow)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat withViolet)
Lacks energy and motivation, sloth, low self-esteem, self conscious, confusion, insecurity, sadness/depression, feels unwanted/inadequate, jealous, distrustful. Good energy levels, happy and joyful, good self esteem, confident, relaxed, clear thinking, feels secure, multi skilled, expressive, respectful, spontaneous, uninhibited. High energy levels, perfectionism, testing, complaining, workaholic, too intellectual, resents authority, superiority/inferiority complex, judgmental, sexually unfulfilled.

Crystals to Maintain the Solar Plexus Chakra:
Use Yellow crystals to maintain this centre, and a few recommended stones include: Citrine, Amber, Gold Topaz, Gold Tiger Eye, and Golden Calcite.

To clear blockages: use blue or violet crystals.

Deep breathing can open this chakra quite easily; promoting joy and relaxation.

The Heart Chakra
Keywords: Love, Compassion, The Bridge between Feeling and Expression.

In the heart region spins another energy vortex, the fourth major chakra of the body and the center between the lower (physical & emotional) and higher (mental & spiritual) chakras. This is to be found on the breast bone, roughly between the throat and the end of the rib cage. The heart is the centre of love, growth, compassion and empathy, and enables the body to appreciate the connectedness of all life. Unfortunately, this center is also one of the most vulnerable and sensitive, and reacts quickly towards negativity. As such, most people have 'protected themselves' from an early age by closing this chakra.

If it is too wide open, this can manifest as over concern for others with too little concern for the self - causing self-doubt, over-working, or martyrdom. Alternatively, if the Heart is understimulated, it may block off feelings towards others - causing distrust, selfishness, disloyalty, dishonesty, and introvertion. Both extremes are likely to result in the poor handling of friendships and relationships.

Greatly affected by: Anger, Resentment, Hurt, Lack of Love

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems
  • Heart attacks
  • Immunity deficiency
  • Circulatary problems
  • Breathing difficulties
  • General fatigue
  • Muscular tension
  • Tention between the shoulder blades
Treating the Heart Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with Green or Pink)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with Green or Pink)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Green or Pink)
Self-centered, paranoia, indecisive, feels unloved, sorry for oneself, lacks concern for others, afraid of letting go & being hurt, needing constant reassurance, unworthy of love Sincerity, spontaneity, warmth, emotionally balanced, empathetic, compassionate, humanitatian, friendly, nurturing, in touch with feelings, unconditional love Very critical, demanding, mood swings, possessiveness, over-concern for others, covets money, manic depressive, tense, martyrdom.

Crystals to Maintain the Heart Chakra:
Balancing can be maintained with a variety of pinks and greens including: Malachite, Rose Quartz, Green Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Pink Calcite, Emerald, Jade, Aventurine, and Turquoise.

To clear blockages: use Purple or Red crystals. This chakra is most effectively cleared, however, with Love - especially unconditional love for self.

It is often said that a balanced heart will bring all the other chakras into alignment along with it.

The Throat Chakra
Keywords: Communication, The Power of Self Expression.

This centre is located in the hollow of the neck and is assiciated with communication, creativity and clairaudience. This is another sensitive area of the energy system and can easily be blocked, especially through tension, and also by stress, fear, anxiety and general negativity. Another area which often causes problems is lack of self expression; either through communication with yourself and others, or though a block in your creative abilitys. If the Throat chakra is allowed to degenerate it will quickly block itself, causing dis-ease.

On a subtle level, people who outwardly appear 'normal' may complain of having difficulties expressing themselves clearly, and unexplained nervousness around other people, feelings of 'not being themselves', or obsessively trying to find a logical explanation or technique to explain and deal with problems.

Greatly affected by: Lack of expression, anxiety, stress, overbearedness.

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • Sore throat
  • Tension in the back of the neck
  • Headaches and eyestrain
  • Backaches
  • Rheumatism and arthritis
  • Throaty coughs
  • Thyroid problems
  • Lympathic or oral problems
  • Colds and flu
  • Circulatory problems in the shoulders, arms and hands

Treating the Throat Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with Blue)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with a variety of Blues)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Red)
Quiet, unreliable, timid, unable to express feelings and thoughts, manipulative, weak, cowardice, inconsistent. Good speaker, artistic, balanced personality, diplomatic, inspiring, charming, lives in the present, willing teacher, contented, prolific, easily experiences divine, clairaudience. Talks excessively, self-righteous, arrogant, dogmatic, 'macho', overbearing, opinionated, dominering, addictiveness.

Crystals to Maintain the Throat Chakra:
Normally you would maintain this chakra with blue or violet, unless the patient has Depression where you would use green instead (a blue would be too strong for them). A regular treatment practice is recommended for the throat, using a variety of blues such as: Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Knuzite, Lapis Lazuli, Indigo and Azurite.

To clear blockages: use Red or Orange. Also try using mantras, songs, prayer, and/or soothing music.

Avoid using Blue crystals on Colds or poor circulation. Instead, use Green or Purple.

The Brow / 3rd Eye Chakra
Keywords: Knowledge, Logic, Psychic Intuition, The Power of the Lower Mind.

Situated on the forehead above and between the line of the eyes, the Brow chakra as the bringer of knowledge and understanding to the brain, as well as various psychic and intuitive tendencies. A balanced Brow will lend itself to foresight, an openness towards change, a desire to learn - and the skill to reflect on that knowledge, and the ability to perceive clearly on ones situation.

A charcter with an unbalanced Brow chakra may complain of all sorts of headaches and problems with consentration, confusion, misunderstandings, and a negative feeling towards future expectations.

Greatly affected by: Fear, Worry, Self Doubts

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • Migraine headaches
  • Sinusitis
  • Ear or Eye complaints
  • Problems with pituitary gland
  • 'Psychic headaches' cause by negativities

Treating the Brow Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with Purple)
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with a variety of Blues and Purples)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Orange)
Undisciplined, oversensitive, absent-minded, meek, neurotic fears, self-doubt, afraid of success, exessive daydreaming, slow of mind, dissolutioned, schizophrenic . Charismatic, intelligent, logical, telepathic, non-materialistic, master of self, fearless, clear perspectives, non-judgemental Egotistical, arrogant, head-strong, bloody-minded, dogmatic, proud, overbearing, loud, patronising, manipulative.

Crystals to Maintain the Brow Chakra:
Purple or blue crystals are used to keep this center healthy, and you may like to try: Amethyst, Lepidolite, Azurite, Lapis, Indigo, Aquamarine, Purple Rainbow Flurite, Sugalite, Violet Mica, Clear Quartz.

To clear blockages: use Green crystals.

The 3rd Eye takes constant attention and progression to activate its full potential. Once you acheive this goal, your experience of the world becomes far less dualistic as the mind accepts the existence of both your physical and mental landscapes, and the intuitive and spiritual self.

The Crown Chakra
Keywords: Highest Truth, Wisdom, Spirituality. The Power of the Higher Mind.

The Crown chakra if often a strong voretx situated at the top of the head. It is usually linked to the higher patterns of the mind, and the logical processes of the brain. The more open the Crown may be, the more inspired and motivated the brain should be - promoting a more creative and adaptable mind.

An unbalanced Crown will begin with a cloudy decision process or a restlessness - always seeking to be mentally challenged. It also brings an over attachment to materialistic things, to illogical self neuroses and fears of the unknown, or to depressive tendencies. A fully open Crown will open ones self to the divine, and the realisation of spiritual truths.

Greatly affected by: Selfishness

Disorders caused by inbalance include:

  • Depression
  • Seasonally Affected Depression (S.A.D)
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Boredom
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Hypermania
  • General mental problems
  • Premature baldness
  • Dandruff

Treating the Crown Chakra
Signs of insufficient energy
(Treat with White or Gold )
Signs of balanced energy
(Maintain with a variety of Whites and Golds)
Signs of excessive energy
(Treat with Red)
Indecisive, melancholic, selfish, secretive, not creative, reclusive, depression, boredom, catatonic, stubbornness, unclear thought, no joy of life. Adaptable, imaginitive, versitile, logical, adventurous, wise, opportunistic, explorative, keen to learn, no fear of death, open to divine, clairvoyant, transendance of laws of nature. Frustrated, overbearing, psychotic, highly-strung, manic depressive, migraines, poor sleep, irritable, irrational, hasty, unrealized power.

Crystals to Maintain the Crown Chakra:
White, Gold and Silver stones are usually used to balance and maintain the Crown chakra as their vibration is the highest in the colour spectrum. Among these crystals, you may like to try: Clear Quartz, Selanite (Gypsum), Gold Citrine, Tiger Iron, Bornite, Howlite, Celestite.

To clear blockages: use Gold or Indigo. Use red on very excessive blocks.

Using Red crystals on to remove blocks can be harsh, especially on the highly sensitive or nervous. In this event, use Purple/Violet instead.

It is said that a master of the Crown chakra can expect the cessation of desire and the ego self. Ultimately, the bridge between mind and matter is crossed.

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