Fingers and Thumbs
One of the best areas to look for personality is actually on the fingers. The size and shape of the fingers can tell you a persons interests, their temperament and even gifts of intelligence and stability. Palmistry was originally linked closely to astrology, and so the fingers are named after the astrological areas they represent. To begin your study of the fingers, get your sitter to remove all jewellery and rings so you can spot if the fingers naturally lean. Open the hand and make sure the fingers are spread out evenly.

It is usually easiest to look first at the length of the fingers, as long and short fingers are quite easy to spot. Long fingered people are said to be analytical, lovers of detail and normally well-dressed. These people can also be quick-thinking but often have a nervous streak. A hand with short fingers can show an impulsive person. They are less concerned with appearance and dislike detail, authority and tradition. Finally, if the person has rather short and thick fingers (an Elementary hand), this shows selfishness. These generalisations will fit in nicely with the persons hand type you found in the last section.

On most hands, the second (Saturn) finger will be the longest, followed by the ring (Sun) finger and then the index (Jupiter) finger. The little (Mercury) finger will always be the shortest. Normally, the Sun finger will be about 90% of the length of the Saturn finger, Jupiter will be about 80% and Mercury will usually be about 70% of the size. However, if Jupiter is longer than this, the person can show a domineering character. If Jupiter is as long as the Sun finger, this desire for power can be more considerable. If the Sun finger is the same size as Jupiter, this may show ambitions for money, so watch Active hands for this feature. A long Mercury finger can sometimes give away a talented artist of a philosopher, a characteristic mainly of the Philosophic Hand.

Should the joints of the hand be so supple that you can bend them right back on themselves, this indicated a charming person who can be good company, pleasant and often naturally inquisitive. People with stiff fingers are likely to be far less adventurous. Looking now at the base of the fingers, if the fingers are quite thick at the base, this can be a sign of a self-centred, own comfort, person, who enjoys eating and drinking and the vices. Narrow based fingers show more considerate tones.

Before you look more closely at the fingers, it is important to note that the fingers are actually split up into three sections. These sections are called Phlanges. The first phlange starts at the top of the finger and stops at the first 'bend' line. The second phlange is the gap between the middle section lines. The last phlange is the third gap of clear skin at the bottom of the finger. Each phlange starts with the first line above it, and ends with the first line you meet below it. To find the length of the phlanges you must compare the finger as a whole. Of the three phlanges, find which are longer than the others, which are equal size to others and which seem shorter than the others. A pencil and ruler can come in handy here.

The Thumb
The first and biggest of all, the thumb represent willpower and energy levels.Start by looking how the thumb lies on the persons open hand. If the thumb is close to the fingers the person may not be generous and can be introverted. If the thumb is much looser and bends off to the side, this shows a more free-thinking and open person. Stiffness in the thumb can also show a reserved and unbending character, the more flexible the thumb, the more flexibility the the owner will show. However, a firm-jointed thumb, as well as showing caution and stubbornness, also shows a practical person with a keen sense of justice. Someone with a naturally broad or flattened thumb is often shown as being of a passionate nature. Long thumbs can show intellectual will-power, short thumbs show unreliability and weak will. What about the phlanges? The thumb has only two, although professionals can often make use of the small third phlange at the base.

Thumb Long Same Size Short ThickThin
Top Phlange Strong reasoning powers, can be affected by the opinions of others Logical and well balanced Weak Willed Domineering person, aggressive, good leader Calm, good with people, charmer
Middle PhlangeLack of will-power and determination, fair and analytical Logical and well balanced intuitive character - -
Lower Phlange Passionate (if thumb small) - - - -

Jupiter Finger
As we have already seen, the fingers are all names after the planets. The first finger (index finger) is called Jupiter, and shows your ego, self confidence, and reliability. Jupiter fingers are usually about 75% of the length of your middle (Saturn) finger. Short Jupiter fingers tend to show people who dislike any form of responsibility, whilst longer index fingers, show a capable leader. Get your sitter to spread out their fingers so you can easily spot if they lean slightly in a direction. If Jupiter leans towards the thumb, this shows ambitions and an independent nature. If the tip of the finger leans towards Saturn, this a sign of planning and shows a person who likes to think things though before making any moves. Sometimes Jupiter is so small that it is smaller than the Sun (ring) finger, and in this again shows a good leader and ambition. Now look at the phlanges:

Jupiter Finger Long Same Size Short
Top Phlange Well-developed intellect Balanced head and hands Great Practicality, need for security
Middle Phlange Orderly Adequate Drive and ambition Lacking in ambition
Lower Phlange Sporty Character Balanced Character Sensible Character

Saturn Finger
The middle finger is known as Saturn and indicates your moods and your character. If you see that Saturn is in fact longer than usual, it shows a person with firm ideas, and often shows a serious nature. This person may also be stubborn, moody and cautious, with a preference to working alone. If Saturn is short however, the opposite is true - life is a game here, these people are often rash and impetuous, and may enjoy creating chaos. A Saturn finger which leans towards the Sun (ring) finger may show a passive person who needs material and emotional security. If the finger leans the other way, the person prefers their own company.

Saturn Finger Long Same Size Short
Top Phlange Naturally inquisitive, interested in detail - Easy-going, easily dominated
Middle Phlange Mathematical bias - Extravagent nature
Lower Phlange Unreliable, materialistic - Careful with money

Sun Finger
The third finger along the hand is named after the Sun, and sometimes also known as the Apollo finger. This is the finger of talent, creativity and business sense. Somebody with a Sun finger the same size as their Saturn finger is usually someone who doesn't mind a gamble or risk taking. The longer the Sun finger, the more of a risk taker the person is likely to be, and often shows a persons weakness for not thinking things through properly. A short Sun finger will show someone who lacks enthusiasm, especially for gambling, and may be someone with an over-cautious nature. A Sun finger with a well rounded top may be a good sign of dramatic flair, maybe a good actor, and a long finger here will show an interest in the dramatic arts, like theatre and film.

Sun Finger Long Same Size Short
Top Phlange Dramatic, creative Balanced appreciation of art Not interested in art
Middle Phlange Good with design and colour Balanced design and colour Poor with design and colour
Lower Phlange Refined taste, interest in objects of art Balanced appreciation of art Lacking in artistic talent

Mercury Finger
The little finger, or Mercury, is the sign of communication. A normal sized finger belongs to a kind, thoughtful and sensitive character, especially if the finger leans towards the Sun finger. A Mercury finger leaning away from the other fingers (unsurprisingly) shows independence and someone who will never be part of the crowd. A short Mercury will also show a lack of confidence and critical of themselves. A long Mercury belongs to an outgoing character, a harmer and someone who enjoys being at the center of any group. And the phlanges show:

Mercury Finger Long Same Size Short
Top Phlange Misses nothing, charming, well-read - Reserved, shy
Middle Phlange Interested in health & diet - Faithful, steadfast
Lower Phlange Well-spoken, needs own space - Impressionable, easily duped

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