The Hands and Skin
The easiest way to start is to study your own hands first. This will give you an easy practice hand on a person you know quite well. It will also show your own personality and traits which may even surprise you. The shape of the hands is an interesting start point and by studying the shape first you will learn the basic character of the individual. If you are unsure to begin with, try asking a few personal questions to match the hand you think fits the person. There are 6 basic hand types:
  • The square Hand - The most common hand type, these people will have quite a broad, square shaped palm with regular fingers. Square-handed people with short fingers are likely to be more narrow minded than people with longer fingers, but whether long or short fingered, these people are methodical, open people, normally hard-working and pillars of the community. They may not get to the top of their professions, but will keep going regardless, providing they see a reason for doing so. Generally disliking change of any kind, they are never fanatical about anything. They may respect authority and like anything logical or methodical. These people often have problems showing their true feelings but they make honest and dependable partners, although sometimes lacking in romance or excitment. They are best matched with ofther square handed people.

  • The Conic Hand - These hands are medium sized with attractive, tapering fingers, with the palm quite slender. These people are generally gifted charmers, enjoying the arts and are often imaginative or poetic. Conics can be idealistic, sensitive and often rash, they easily get bored and harbour sometimes unusual desires. They often lack patience but make good conversationalists, often knowing a little about a lot of things. These people have many aquaintances but few real friends. They also dislike physical work, prefering writing, painting or other artstic means. Always on the lookout for new things, Conics see love as a central ingredient to their well-being, and which will stimulate their emotional and excitable sides.

  • The Elementary Hand - A hand that looks like it could have belonged to early man. These hands are not pretty, often with short and stubby fingers and thick palms. The hands may look clumsy and coarse, and may have few lines on the palm. People with this hand prefer manual labour and do not usually have an appreciation of beauty. They are not generally intellectual and can act without showing emotion or aspirations.

  • The Active or Spatulate Hand - A large, wide hand with thick, sometimes long fingers with broad tips. These people are active members of the community, but prefer to act rather than think. They love any form of gamble or risk, and will will often have a strong tireless streak. They may not have respect for the law but are usually athletic and sometimes musical in nature. Active hands are intent on making their mark in life and are true individuals, making up their own unique rules as they go.

  • The Philosophic Hand - Knotted fingers are the main sign of this hand. The palm is normally rectangular, the fingers bony with large nobbly joints. These people are methodic thinkers and seldom become wealthy. A philosophic hand may fall into two camps, the idealists and the materialist, but both tend to be intellectual explorers and keep students of spirituality and politics. They are often very shy people, reserved and silent, proud and secretive. Philosophics prefer to view a group from the outside rather than from within. If asked an opinion they will almost always give wise advise. They are hard workers, honest and dependable, and will endure hard times without complaining. They also have few real friends but will stick by them though their troubles.

  • The Psychic hand - Psycic hands are delicate and slim with pointed fingers and narrow palms. This hand type is not common, so when examining a womans hand, don't fall into the trap of automatically thinging the slender fingers automatically make them Psycic or Conic people. True psycic hands should have a Psycic Cross on the fate line (see *Smaller Lines). These people see beauty in everything and are the most idealistic people of all. Love is the center of their being but they often choose the wrong partner. They find it difficult to cope with problems, are sensitive and vulnerable, and may seek someone to look after them. They are normally very impractical, have no sense of time, are illogical and are easily influenced and imposed upon by others.

  • The Mixed hand - In addition the the six basic hands, a person hand can also be made from a mixture of elements, some sometimes a mixture of all 6. The way to check is to look at the major features first and see if the hand has more than one major feature e.g. Rough hands with stubby fingers and broad tips could be an Elementary/Active mix. These people are hard to catagorise and may have many conflicting characteristics. Mixed hands are good at a wide variety of jobs and can do them with a reasonable accuracy. They are often restless people who may move locations or change jobs regularly.

Sizes of Hand
Now take a look at the hand size compaired to the rest of the body. In very general terms, a person with small hands is usually a keen achiever, usually with large handwriting. People with big hands are usually easily contented, with smaller handwriting. Now look at the palm. Someone with a thin palm is likely to be a nervous person, a thick palm may indicate a passionate person. A firm but malleable palm belongs to a quick thinker, a soft palm loves luxury. Again, in general terms, a narrow palm shows a conventional person, a palm which seems to hollow in the middle shows someone who lacks direction and aggression.

Colour and Texture
Fine, smooth skin belongs to a sensitive person, who is calm or even-tempered, whereaas rough skin may show those who are hard working and vigorous. Most people come between these extremes. If the hands are particularly white they may be selfish and uncaring, but if they are red the people are warm and caring. A yellow skin (not an Oriental) shows a changable person and a darker skin (not of an Ethnic background) may show balance and stability. Extra hairy hands show inconsistency but hairless hands show cowardice. A person with soft hands may also be nervous and impressionable, and harder hands show practicality and a solid person.

Health Features
The colour of the palm is also a good health indicator. A pale palm shows unhealthy roots or maybe stress. A pink palm show health. A red palm shows a robust health, and a yellow hand may show signs of depression or problems with the liver.

The Nails
You can instantly see the type of personality by looking at the nails. A will trimed hand shows a hygenic and maticulous person, unkept nails show a much lazier person. If the nails have been bitten, this shows signs of stress. White colored nails show an unhappy nature. Pink nails show balance and red nails show anger or passion. Dark nails are also a sign of circulation problems or temparary ill health. If there are many white specks in the nails, this is a sure way of showing they lack sufficient Zinc (shellfish etc) in their diet. There may be ridges along the nails too. Ridges running across the nails indicate previous illness. Ridges running down the nail can often show someone with back problems. If in doubt, ask! Never say to someone 'You have back problems' unless they agree they do.

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