Here are a few more symbols often found on the hand. Some are harmless, but most imply problems or temparary setbacks, and may weaken the line they are on.

The Cross - Problems and disappointments. Weakens any line it touches.

Islands - Hereditary problems such as physical (Heart), mental (Head) and illness (Life). Filled islands are called Dots and generally relate to temporary deleys or difficulties.

The Fork - Talants and gifts. Can show charm, wisdom, peace or fortune, depending on the location.

Three Pronged Fork - Sign of good luck, strengthens the line in question. If the line ends in many prongs, this is known as the Teasle and indicates deterioration with age.

The Bar - Delay or temparary barrier. Weakens any line it touches and may block positivity for a short time.

The Chain - Problems, distress and hard discition making. Warns of rouch times/battles.

The Grille - Indicates obstacles, instability or restlessness. Generally found only on the mounts.

The Psychic Cross - Said to indicate second-sight, psychic tendencies and superstition. Usually found between the Head and Heart lines.

There are also a number of other signs such as the Star, the Triangle, the Square (or Box) and the Circle which may occure anywhere on or near a line and need to be looked at more closely. Below is a guide to some of their qualities.

The Star

This can be a sign of fate or fortune depending on it's location. A reletively uncommon sign, the star relates to energy levels within the body, such as drives, ambition and even shock.
  • On fingers - if on the outer phlanges it is a good sign as it shows determination and will-power.
  • On Luna Mount - shows a possible dreamer, someone with unrealistic attitudes or even mental inballance.
  • On Head Line - A mental shock to come
  • End of Sun or Fate Line - Eventful, or shocking life
  • On Mount of Venus - Success with romance
  • On life Line - A possible injury
  • On Heart Line - Possible heart problem or emotional setback
  • On Upper Mars - Success through determination
  • On Lower Mars - Success in career

The Triangle

This mark is usually formed when three lines cross and is often very clear. If the mark looks more like a tripod or spearhead, this is a good sign of success but not a triangle! Triangles usually appear on mounts, but sometimes show up on lines where the positive aspects of the line will then be weakened.
  • On Jupiter Mount - True potential for management, diplomacy or organisation.
  • On Saturn Mount - Shows a good student of life and constantly learning.
  • On Apollo Mount - Creative, calm, practical and artistic.
  • On Mars Mount - Determination and calm in a crisis. Someone who will stand up for themselves and their beliefs.
  • On Luna Mount - Balanced nature and good logical judement.
  • On Neptune Mount - Psychic abilities may be indicated.
  • On Venus Mount - Self-restrained and calm character.
  • On Mercury Mount - Clear thinking with good head for business.

The Box

The Square or Box is usually a good sign and can be usually found around other marks or breaks. It purpose if one of protection and preservation against dangers and events. It can also be present on mounts where any negative points of the mount will be weakened. One special indication is a box on the Jupiter Mounts (known as the Teachers Square) which shows teaching tallent.
  • On fate line - A serious problem will arrise but will cause total ruin or loss.
  • On Head Line - Worries, stress and problems relating to work
  • On Heart Line - Emotional problems
  • On Life line - Health problems - but not too serious.

The Circle

Another unusual sign but sometimes of good fortune, circles can appear anywhere on the hand but usually around mounts and on lines. A true circle will be quite large and noticable, small circles may in fact be dots or islands.
  • On Luna Mount - Danger from water, even drowning
  • On Apollo Mount - Great mental talent, even genuius
  • On Heart Line - Eyesight problems

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