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First of all, what is a supplement? A supplement is a substance you take when weight training in order to promote gains. They come in many forms from powders to pills and can boast many ingredients including multivitamins and proteins. A lot of people misunderstand supplement and their use in weight training. One common misconception is that they are harmful and should be avoided. This is untrue for most substances - which are usually harmless and do very little to help or hinder your progress. This is an important lesson to learn as little research has been carried out into the effectiveness of such treatments and there are many harmless miracle cures in circulation.

Some supplements can be useful for increasing your vitamin and protein levels in conjunction with food. This is useful but not necessary as the price of buying such aids could be better spent buying more nutritious food instead. For example, why spend money on vitamin C additives when a serving of kidney beans or a bag of oranges can achieve the same thing. If you decide you can afford supplements it is important to read all you can about your chosen materials before you buy anything. Look for good multivitamin and extra Vitamin C additives first as these will give you many benefits while remaining relatively cheap in price. Other supplements you may wish to find are listed below, though their effects may differ between individuals.


Legal Drugs


A very good place to start is to look at vitamins. They mostly come in tablet form and can be taken straight, usually with water. Unless you each plenty of vegetables a day, maybe 6 or 8 servings, a good vitamin supplement will help you greatly. Vitamins C and E may be taken separately but a course of multi-vitamins and iron will usually work out cheaper.


Sometimes called Whey Protein, these supplements add to your bodily protein levels which help rebuild injuries and muscles. Protein is especially useful if you are on a low calorie diet as it gives what your diet may fail to provide. Extra proteins are not bad for your kidneys (unless you have preexisting kidney disease) and can be a real benefit to the body. Protein in it's powdered form is the most common variety and can be taken directly or as an additive to a cold drink. It is important to note however that hot drinks will cause the proteins to cross-link and will change their effectiveness. Whey Protein (sometimes seen as Vyopro) is better than pure milk protein but is also more expensive. QUOTE "You really don't need more than about 1gm of protein a day per lb. of bodyweight". This I presume is the minimum a body needs to work properly.

Amino Acids

Another name for Protein, Amino Acids are what the body transforms protein into as you consume it. These acids work all around the body to perform various rebuilding and generating tasks, not least rebuilding muscle tissue (remember muscle tissue IS protein). The body needs 22 of these acids to function normally and it can manufacture 13 of these all by itself. Unfortunately, the other 9 cannot be made by the body and so you must make sure you keep them in regular supply by eating protein rich foods. Taking them as a supplement means they are always readily available should the body need more than your daily dose. We also manufacture some types of acids form other acids so it remains important to make sure we have eaten them all. As with standard protein supplements make sure you read the consentration listed on the bottle as although some forms are highly consentrated, some contain very small doses - even as little as 1 or 2gm. Try to go for at least 10gm of extra protein per day because we need about 1.3gm per Kilo of bodyweight.


A new product on the market is a legal, non-drug oil which you apply to the skin like a cream. It is said to increase the size of your muscles by making them more susceptible to exercise, with visible results lasting a number of weeks. QUOTE "can put two inches on your arms in three weeks" - this is unproven and effects differ. May be sold under the name 'Pump and Pose'.


A drug which comes in power or pill form. Said to increase the size of your muscles by inflaming them for a number of days. Unlike Synthol, this effect does not require exercise.


A drug which combines with an enzyme from your liver and forms extra testosterone. This means your body will lift greater weights and can grow larger due to the testosterone effect. QUOTE "Androstene doubles testosterone levels in the body in a few hours" - this may be unproven and effects differ. May be sold under the name 'Osmos's Androstene'.


A drug which comes on power form. This is a common supplement for bodybuilders and is believed to work by many people. Creatine Monohydrate occurs naturally in the body and helps muscles function correctly. A Creatine supplement will increase you bodyweight and the size of your muscles as long as you take it. The drug is best taken in power from either directly in the mouth or mixed with a drink - though never with coffee as Caffeine can interfere with creatine's effectiveness. Also make sure you get pharmaceutical grade Monohydrate and stay clear of pills or Creatine phosphate. QUOTE "I only get good results when I'm lifting fairly heavy and resting 3 minutes or so between". Results and gains will vary.


These clear the system of harmful chemicals which can build up over a long period of time. This will help prevent cellular damage and means the cells will last longer and be healthier.


This will effectively make you more active as it stimulates the mind into trying harder. Another effect is that it helps you lose excess fat by burning it off more as you exercise. It is extremely safe so long as you remain within the recommended dosage limits but can lead to hyperactivity if misused. May be sold under the name 'Twinlab's Ripped Fuel'.


As Ephedrine.


Unsurprisingly, little research has been carried out into the effects smoking can have on bodybuilding and so the effects it has on the muscles cannot be shown. Smoking does however suppress the appetite (helping weight loss). At the same time, it also narrows the lungs and arteries causing lack of breath and a decrease in blood-flow through the system. Unlike popular belief, it does not relax the body as such, simply offering a temporary cure for the brains craving for nicoteen. You can gain the same calming effects by breathing deeply on a drinking straw.

St. Johns Wort

One of those 'cure for all ills' drugs, this natural extract offers a wide range of effects. Primarily used as an anti-depressant, St. John's actually removes all bad thoughts from the brain - aiding anxiety and depressed states. It has also been shown to increase blodflow to the brain, aid memory recall, and most importantly for us is promotes concentration and motivation. As a bonus, the plant also profits from amentoflavones - an element SOME users say boosts their sex drive..

Non-Legal Drugs


Used by many users who wish to gain muscle quickly, steroids can help the user in many ways. The drug mimics the male hormone testosterone which gives the user more motivation for hard work. They also physically increase the size of muscles by triggering the brains muscle size mechanism which forces the muscles to grow even with minimal stimulation. Although the results speak for themselves, the drug has been shown to damage the liver the heart and the kidneys causing tumours, heart attacks and strokes. In men it can also cause such effects as infertility and reproduction problems and women also develop a deepening of the voice and growth of body hair. These effects may not be reversible.


Depending on how much you take and when, Cannabis can actually promote muscle building and fitness. Unlike smoking tobacco, Cannabis has been shown to increase lung capacity and does not block the arteries in the same way. In small doses, cannabis can also promote concentration and determination which can benefit the user when training. However, taking even moderate amounts can lead to the opposite effect, decreasing awareness and motivation. One way the drug can work well is for relaxing after a heavy workout. Because Cannabis numbs the body, it takes away any strains you may feel and returns the body to it's most relaxed state - restoring bloodpressure and heart rate to normal and promoting muscle growth. Unfortunately, Cannabis use can also make the user less than enthusiastic about exercise and may take away motivation completely after frequent use.


This chemical takes away fatigue and pain and at the same time raises levels of energy and stamina in the body. This means the body will be temporarily capable of lifting heavy loads and at a greater speed. Like Ephedrine but much more powerful, Speed will give you much stronger effects. It can also be shown that this type of drug will promote motivation in the gym, helping to stress the muscles and achieve a deeper failure level. Speed, like all Amphetamines, will also lower (if not remove) the appetite, causing the user to loose weight through malnutrition and the increased sweating the drug brings on. Speed can be very addictive and the side effects can be very unpleasant.


See Speed.

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